Azure vs Hetzner VM Performance

This is a simple comparison between two virtual machines specced identically with regards to number of cpus and memory: 4 vCPUs and 16 GB RAM.

The VM types are CCX23 (Hetzner) and Standard D4ds v4 (Azure)

Both VMs had Ubuntu 2022 LTS as OS. They were benchmarked using YABS.

VMSingle-Core scoremulti-core scoremonthly priceperformance/price ratio
D4ds v412822864$16417,5
CCX23 18974338$30144,6

The Hetzner VM clearly wins this benchmark test, even though it is a lot cheaper than the Azure one. This is further emphazised when calculating the performance/price ratio (based on multi-core)

Hetzner does arguably not offer as many different cloud products or ease of scalability compared to Azure, but if you are willing to invest some time into setting things up and doing maintenance yourself, there sure are money to be saved and a lot to be gained in performance.

The following is the links to the full Geekbench test reports for the VMs.

Hetzner VM

Azure VM